While merging customer records in Jezzam is designed to be straightforward, certain situations can prevent a merge from happening.

This article outlines common issues you might encounter and explains why the merge cannot proceed in these scenarios, along with solutions for each problem.

1. Primary Customer with a deleted User Profile

Problem: Merging into a primary customer who has deleted their user profile is not permitted.

Reason: The selected primary customer may have had a Jezzam user profile in the past but has now deleted their user profile. A customer who has deleted their user profile can no longer log in to Jezzam with that profile and therefore cannot log further bookings against their existing customer record. In other words, this type of customer record is effectively dormant and allowing merges into such records would result in more information being merged in to a dormant customer.  To avoid these issues, merging into an inactive customer is not permitted.

TIP: A customer with a deleted user profile is usually a better candidate for a Secondary Customer.  

Solution: Select a different primary customer who has an active user profile to continue with the merge process.  Consider using the customer with the deleted user profile as the secondary customer.

2. Secondary Customer with Active User Profile

Problem: Merging from a secondary customer with an active user profile is not allowed.

Reason: The merge process transfers all booking information from the secondary customer to the primary customer. If the secondary customer has an active user profile, they would lose access to their booking information, leading to confusion and potential dissatisfaction.

Solution: Choose a different secondary customer who does not have an active user profile, or designate the customer with the active profile as the primary customer and merge other details into their record.

3. Secondary Customer Who is a Member

Problem: Merging from a secondary customer who is a member is not permitted.

Reason: Members often have special status or privileges within the system. Merging their records into another customer's account could result in the loss of membership status, associated benefits and their booking information, disrupting their service experience.

Solution: Select a different secondary customer who is not a member, or designate the member as the primary customer and merge other details into their record.

4. Customer Record Modified in the Background

Problem: The primary or secondary customer record has been modified in the background.

Reason: If changes have been made to the customer records during the merge process, it could lead to inconsistencies and data conflicts. Changes may have been made by other administrators of your account or by the customer making bookings at the same time you are carrying out the merge process.

Solution: Refresh the merge page and try the merge process again.  Make sure you review the updated customer records (which may have changed) and reselect your merge options to ensure accuracy and consistency.

5. Email Address Erase

Problem: Erasing an email address during the merge is not permitted if the Primary Customer has outstanding booking workflows.

Reason: Email addresses are critical for customer communication and identification within the system.  This includes booking workflows that require an email to be sent to the customer so that they can complete the workflow. Removing the email address when there are ongoing workflows would result in the inability to contact the customer and therefore prevent the completion of these workflows.

Solution: Adjust the merge settings to either retain the primary customer's email address or wait until the workflows for the primary customer have completed before carrying out a merge.

6. Modifying the Email Address of a Primary Customer with and Active User Profile

Problem: Modifying the email address of a primary customer who has an active Jezzam User Profile is not permitted.

Reason: The email address of a customer with an active Jezzam User Profile is set by the customer themselves via their profile.  This provides control and security for the customer, allowing them to manage their own contact details.  As such modifying the email address in a customers user profile is not permitted.

Solution: Adjust the merge settings to "Do nothing".  In other words, the email address will be unaffected by the merge. This will allow the merge to proceed.

By understanding these common problems and their underlying reasons, you can effectively navigate the merging process in Jezzam and maintain a clean, accurate customer database.

Additional Tips
Double-Check Customer Information: Before starting the merge process, ensure that you have the correct primary and secondary customers selected.
Regular Data Maintenance: Periodically review your customer records to identify potential duplicates and address them proactively.