Closed dates let you block out periods of time when your business is closed.  Closed dates completely block bookings across your whole business.

You can create closed periods that are whole days or specific time periods.  You can create single or repeating closed dates.

There are many reasons why you might need to temporarily close your business for online booking:

  • public holidays
  • bad weather for the afternoon
  • scheduled maintenance on all of your resources
  • shutting down for a week over the summer to reward your lovely staff ?

Closed Dates override all other scheduling availability.  Customers will not be able to make online bookings for any of your Services during these dates.

Closed dates only prevent new bookings being made and do not affect existing bookings.

IMPORTANT: Please note that any existing bookings or events that are already in place when you create a closed period are unaffected.  Jezzam will not warn you if you create a closed period over any existing bookings. We recommend you double check the closed period in the admin calendar and any existing bookings or events that fall within your closed periods should be cancelled or rescheduled as appropriate.

Managing Closed Dates

Closed dates are managed in the Closed Dates calendar for each of the Locations in your account:

  1. Log into your Admin Panel
  2. Select Settings > Locations
  3. Select the Location you wish to manage Closed Dates for
  4. Select the "Closed Dates" tab

To define your Closed Dates, drag on the calendar and create your Closed Dates as required.

For example if you need to create simple single closed day, simple click on the Calendar in month view. In the closed date dialog, make sure that "All-day" is selected and click "Save".

Note that closed dates are effective immediately.

You can also create repeating Closed Dates and closed periods that cover just a few hours.

Jezzam gives you complete flexibility to create closed dates to suit your needs.

Note that if you create overlapping Closed Dates, Jezzam will simply merge these when calculating when you are closed. Although overlapping Closed Dates do not affect when you are closed, we recommend removing overlaps to make managing Closed Dates easier.

Copying Closed Dates for Multiple Locations

If your account has multiple locations you may want to copy closed dates between locations.  Jezzam allows you to copy and replace Closed Dates.  To do this:

  1. Log into your Admin Panel
  2. Select Settings > Locations
  3. Select the Location you wish to manage Closed Dates for
  4. Select the "Closed Dates" tab
  5. Edit the Closed Date if required as needed
  6. Click "Copy" (this will copy all the closed dates for this location)
  7. Select the Location you with to copy the Closed Dates to
  8. Click "Replace" (you may need to click "Edit schedule" first if your locations are in different time zones)
  9. A warning will be displayed
  10. Click "OK" to replace the Closed Dates

IMPORTANT: When replacing Closed Dates all the current Closed Dates are replaced.  This includes both future and past Closed Dates and the action can not be undone.