Jezzam includes an email verification process so that you can be sure that a customer has verified their email address.

Jezzam handles email verification automatcially for you and it involves customers being sent an email aksing them to click a link to prove they got the email thereby helping to verify their email address.

Email verification can happen at a number of different points

In the admin panel you may see an indication that a Customers email address has not been verified. This is informational only. 

It does not affect the ability of the Customer to book

It simply tells you if the email address for the particular user profile has been verified by that user.  VFor your bowls club account, they are all invited members so you pretty much know that their emails are ok.

However, if a user (ie. one of your members) does want to verify their account they can by doing the following:

  1. Log in to their Jezzam user profile at
  2. Click the "Email address" tab (it will indicate whether their email address has been verified or not)
  3. If it hasn't, they should click the "Resend verification email" link
  4. This will send them an email to the email address registered
  5. They should click on the link in that email to verify their email address
Their user profile will show that their email address has been verified and this will also be updated in your admin panel custom section.

As I say though, this is not essential and it will not affect them logging in or making bookings.

We may look at improving the user interface around this in the future.