Jezzam's customer merge feature gives you complete control over what information you keep when merging customer records.

In general, the merge process involves selecting a Primary Customer and a Secondary Customer. During the merge process, information is transferred from the Secondary Customer to the Primary Customer, and the Secondary Customer is deleted once the merge is complete.

For more detailed instructions, see "How to Merge Customers in Jezzam".

For each piece of information, you can choose a specific merge action. These actions vary depending on the type of data and are presented in a drop-down menu next to each piece of information, allowing you to review and select the desired action.

The available merge actions are:


If the two piece of information are exactly the same between the two customer records, there is no action required so no merge action is displayed.

Copy and replace

This will copy the information from the Secondary Customer, overwriting the value for the Primary Customer


This merge action is available for certain type of data only. For text information, this option will append the text from the Secondary Customer on to the end of the text information available for the Primary Customer.  For multiple selection type data, this option will combine all the selected options together.


When the information is empty for the Secondary Customer but has a value in the Primary Customer, selecting this option will delete the value in the Primary Customer.

Do nothing

Selecting this option will retain the current value in the Primary Customer.