Jezzam allows you to customise your Customer database letting you store the information you need to manage your bookings and run your business.

You can make use of Jezzam's standard customer data fields and you can also create your customer data fields.

Use Jezzam's standard customer data fields 

Jezzam always collects your customer's first name, last name and email address.  But other data fields are also included with Jezzam as standard.  They are optional and you can use them if they make sense for your business.

These standard customer fields include your customer's mobile phone number, home phone number, work phone number, address, date of birth and gender.

Your business may not need each of these pieces of information but you can easily switch on the ones you want to use.

  1. In your admin panel, go to Settings > Customer fields
  2. Click on the "Standard customer fields" tab
  3. Select the standard field you want to add (for example, "Mobile phone")
  4. Select whether you want the standard field to show when the customer bookings online or an administrator makes a booking via the admin calendar
  5. Selected whether the field is Required in each of those cases (that is, a value must be entered)
  6. Choose whether the information should be included on Customer emails
  7. You can optionally put in some help text.  This will appear on the booking form to help guide the Customer
  8. Click "Save"

The standard field will now be marked as "Active" and will appear during the online and/or admin booking process as you have chosen.

Define your own customer data fields

In addition the the Standard Customer fields above, there may be other pieces of information you want to collect about your customers.  This type of customer data is best stored in your customer database at the customer level.  In other words, it's information that is more specifically related to the customer rather than something that might be more related to the actual booking itself.

Some examples of this type of customer data could include:

  • Hair colour
  • Allergies
  • Education level
  • Favourite colour
  • Pets name
  • Shoe size
  • Grade
  • Dietary preference

Jezzam lets you create your own customer data fields to suit the needs of your business.  

You can choose if you want to collect the information when bookings are made.  You can even choose whether this is during bookings made online by your customer or bookings you make for them via your admin calendar (or both).

If the information is more for your own internal use, you can just allow the information to be only entered via the Customer section in your account and not be requested as part of the booking process.

It's extremely easy to create a your own customer data fields.  And it only takes one click to tell Jezzam to collect the data during booking  - Jezzam takes care of everything else.  When a piece of information is collected during the booking process, it is stored as part of that booking's data and it is also used to keep the information automatically up to date in the Customer's record.  This means that when viewing a customer's information in your Jezzam customer database you instantly have the up to date information at your fingertips.

For example, if you created a 'Hair colour' customer field and added this to your booking process, each time the customer made a booking and entered their hair colour, this would be stored both with the booking (giving you a history of their information) and it would also be used to to keep their customer record up to date.  Jezzam does this all for you automatically.

IMPORTANT:  When a customer enters data into a customer field during the process, the current value in the customer's record in your customer database will be updated.  In other words, this information is updated each time the customer enters data and you will only see the most up to date value in the customer's record.

If you want to see a history of the information a customer entered for customer data fields over all of their bookings, you can use the "Analytics" section to generate a report of bookings for the customer.

As mentioned, if you don't want your customer data fields to be part of the booking process, you can still configure them so that you have access to them in your account but they don't appear on any booking forms.  In this way, you can use Jezzam as a fully customisable customer database.

Another important point is that the data isn't just accessible via your account.  Jezzam Report section allows you to export the data in various ways so you can download and analyse it whenever you want.

By allowing you to create your own customer data fields, Jezzam gives you unsurpassed flexibility to customise your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to meet the needs of your business.

To create a custom Customer field:

  1. In your admin panel, go to Settings > Customer fields
  2. Click on the "Custom customer fields" tab
  3. Jezzam lets you choose several different types of question (for example, Yes/No answer, Date, dropdown list, text entry etc).  Select the type of question you want
  4. Enter the "Field name/Question"
  5. Enter whether this question is a "Required" field.  That is, the customer must put an answer in.  You can choose the question to be required when the customer is booking online or when the booking is being made by an administrator in the admin panel or both
  6. Choose whether the information should be included on Customer emails
  7. You can optionally put in some help text.  This will appear on the booking form to help guide the Customer
  8. You can optionally choose to show the information in the Customer Summary when viewing the customer in the Admin Panel's Customer section.
  9. Click "Save"