Jezzam provides you with very flexible and sophisticated scheduling.

Depending on how you have your account configured, Jezzam offers 4 levels of scheduling:

1. General Opening Hours

General Opening Hours are the highest level of scheduling availability.  They are the starting point for your scheduling and usually, once you've set them up, don't really change very often.  

General Opening Hours represent the basic opening hours for your business or organisation. They provide the default availability for any staff or resources created in your account.  In other words, if you don't customise the availability schedules of your staff/resources, they will use the general opening hours for their availability/scheduling.

More information on how you can customise individual Staff/Resource availability is provided below.

For more details on how to manage your General Opening Hours see:  

General Opening Hours

2. Staff and Resource availability

Different Staff and Resources often have very different availability.  Jezzam lets you easily create very customised schedules for your staff and resources. 

Initially, any new Staff Member or Resource you create will use your General Opening hours for their availability.  If you customise a staff member or resource availability schedule, their customised schedule overrides the General Opening hours and only their customised schedule is used to determine their availability.

For more information on how to customise Staff and Resource availability see:

Managing Staff Schedules 

Managing Resource Schedules

3. Advanced Service Scheduling

Depending on how you have your account configured, Jezzam allows you to create very specific schedules at the Service level.  For example,  a particular Staff Member may only offer a particular Service on Wednesday afternoon. Or a particular resource many offer one service on Saturdays but another service Monday to Friday.

This is advanced configuration and requires careful management of your scheduling.  In practice, most accounts do not need service level scheduling, but it is available to help provide the most sophisticated level of scheduling if needed. 

Advanced Service Scheduling is not currently available in accounts configured to use multiple locations. 

4. Unavailable Times

Staff have holidays and time off.  Resources are sometimes unavailable because they need maintenance etc.

Jezzam lets you manage these types of scenarios using "Unavailable Times".   

NOTE:  The recommended best practice for using unavailable times is for one-off unavailability (like a doctors appointment for staff, or some maintenance for a resource) or for short repeated periods (for example a 2 week holiday for a staff member or 3 days closure for repairs to a resource).
If you find you are creating long repeating periods of unavailable times for Staff or Resources that stretch for weeks or months, this is much more a scheduling task and we highly recommend using Staff and Resource availability scheduling to manage this.  It will make things much simpler to manage.

For more information on how to manage Unavailable Time see:

Managing Staff time off, holidays and Resource unavailable times