Location Opening Hours are the highest level of scheduling in Jezzam.  They are the starting point for all other scheduling in Jezzam (such as Staff or Resource scheduling) and so are a good place to start when setting up your scheduling.

Location Opening Hours provide the initial availability for any staff or resources created in your account.  In other words, when you create a new staff member or resource, their work hours/availability schedule will be initially set to the Opening Hours of the location they are located at. You can then customise the schedules for each of your Staff and Resources are required in the corresponding 'Settings' section of the Admin Panel.

Location Opening Hours do not limit other schedules operating outside of your opening hours.  For example, although a Location's Opening Hours might be 9am - 5pm, Monday to Friday, Jezzam gives you the flexibility to easily customise one of your Staff schedules to just work on Saturday mornings.

This flexibility gives you complete control to easily create schedules that truly reflect your business.

To manage a Location's Opening Hours:

  1. Log into your Admin Panel
  2. Select Settings > Locations
  3. Select the Location you want to manage
  4. Select the "Opening Hours" tab

Location Opening Hours use Jezzam's Simple Scheduling.  

How to Use Simple Scheduling

NOTE:  Changing a Location's Opening Hours does not change the schedules for any existing Staff or Resources at that Location. Once Staff and Resources have been created, their schedules are independent of Location Opening Hours and should be updated separately as needed..  Any new staff or resources created will however use the location's Opening Hours as their initial availability schedule.
To change the schedules for existing Staff or Resources, see the help articles below:

Managing Staff Schedules

Managing Resource Schedules