Jezzam offers complete time zone support for online bookings, enabling customers to book appointments in their local time zone seamlessly. Full time zone support is also available in your Admin Panel where switching time zones automatically handles all time zone conversions for you, instantly and easily.

Jezzam's Time Zone Support includes time zone auto-detection, easy switching between time zones, automatic date and time conversions, daylight saving management and clear time zone communication in emails.  Jezzam supports all 24 global time zones. 

By automatically handling time zone conversions for you and your customers, Jezzam's full time zone support helps to save you time. For your customer bookings, time zone support also helps to increase appointment conversion rates by reducing booking friction and scheduling confusion, enhancing the overall customer experience.

Jezzam automatic daylight saving time adjustments ensures smooth operations across multiple time zones without scheduling conflicts.

In the Admin Panel, wherever you see the time zone picker, simply switching your display time zone* to a new time zone will automatically convert any dates and times for you, giving you instant local time insights into your bookings and scheduling.

By handling time zones automatically, Jezzam also lets you seamlessly manage scheduling for multiple staff working across multiple time zones.  This gives you complete visibility into all your scheduling, avoiding conflicts and optimising your staff and resource allocation where ever they are. 

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*TIP: Your display time zone is the time zone you have currently selected for your logged in session.  Any times and dates will be automatically converted to your display time zone.  Your display time zone can be changed using the time zone picker.