Jezzam lets you easily manage individual schedules for your Resources.

When you create a Resource, the Opening Hours of the Location they are linked to are used to create the Resources's initial schedule. You can then customise the schedule of each Resource as needed.

Jezzam does not restrict a Resource's work hours to the Location's Opening Hours.  In other words, Jezzam gives you the flexibility to create a Resource's work hours outside of the Location's Opening Hours if that is what you need.  This gives you the control and flexibility to create exactly the schedules you require.

NOTE: Resource availability and Location Opening Hours are managed independently.  In other words, once a Resource has been created, changes to a Location's Opening Hours will not effect the Resource's availability schedule.

How to modify Resource Schedules

  1. Log into your Admin Panel
  2. Select Settings > Resources
  3. Select the Resource from the Resource list
  4. Select the "Availability" tab

You can then modify the Resource's schedule using one of Jezzam's three scheduling modes as needed.  See below for more details.

Three Scheduling Modes

Jezzam provides three modes of scheduling - Simple, Advanced and Per-Service. Choose these modes in any combination to tailor your Resource schedules to match your business operations.

  • Simple: Use Simple Scheduling for quick and easy regular, consistent weekly repeats.

  • Advanced: Advanced Scheduling allows you to deep dive into intricate scheduling patterns, be it daily, monthly, bi-monthly, complex recurrence scheduling and beyond.

  • Per-service: Per-service scheduling lets you create sophisticated, personalised schedules for each Resource to ensure precise service availability.

For more information on how to use these scheduling modes see: Creating schedules in Jezzam

How to delete a resource schedule

You can delete a Resource's schedule as follows:

  1. Log into your Admin Panel
  2. Select Settings > Resource 
  3. Select the Resource  from the Resource list
  4. Select the "Availability" tab
  5. Click "Delete"

This will delete the currently visible schedule. Both future and past scheduling information will be deleted so future scheduling and any scheduling history will be lost.  You will receive a warning to this effect and will need to confirm this action.

NOTE: deleting a schedule can not be undone

Empty Resource Schedules

If a schedule for a Resource is empty, you will see the warning "The schedule in use is empty". This warning lets you know that for the active schedule the Resource has no availability so can not be booked for any appointment that uses the schedule. 

Simply add scheduling availability as required.