Jezzam lets you easily manage Staff holidays, time off and Resource unavailability in the same way - by adding "Unavailable Times" using the Admin Calendar.

Unavailable Times completely block availability for the selected Staff Member/Resource.

NOTE:  The recommended best practice for using Unavailable Times is for one-off unavailability (like a doctors appointment for staff, or some maintenance for a resource) or for short repeated periods (for example, a 2 week holiday for a staff member or 3 days closure for repairs to a resource).
If you find you are creating long repeating periods of unavailable times for Staff or Resources that stretch for weeks or months, this is much more a scheduling task and we highly recommend using Staff and Resource availability scheduling to manage this.  It will make things much simpler to manage.
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To create an Unavailable Time:

  1. Log in to your Jezzam account admin panel
  2. Go to the Calendar section
  3. Using the filter drop down menus at the top of the calendar select the single Staff Member or Resource you want
  4. Drag on the calendar where you want to start the time off, holiday or unavailable time (you can also use the "Action" button and select "Add Unavailable Time")
  5. Use the "Add Unavailable Time" dialog to create the unavailable time required.  This can be a single period or a repeating recurrence
  6. Once you have defined the period you need, click "Save & Close"

To edit an Unavailable Time:

Jezzam let you fully edit single and repeating Unavailable Times.  Simply click on the specific Unavailable Time in the Admin Calendar and then use the menu to select and make the edits you need.

This includes being able to delete the Unavailable Time as required. 

If the Unavailable Time is a repeating recurrence, you can edit/delete specific instances, the whole recurrence or all recurrence forward of the point selected.