Your general "Opening Hours" are the highest level of scheduling in Jezzam.  They set the basic scheduling availability across your whole account and are a good place to start when setting up your scheduling.

Your opening hours are the starting point for all other scheduling in Jezzam (such as Staff or Resource scheduling). If you don't make changes to the schedules used by your Staff or Resources, then these will automatically use your Opening Hours as their schedule.

Even though your Opening Hours set your basic scheduling, they do not limit other schedules operating outside of your opening hours.  For example, although your Opening Hours might be 9am - 5pm, Monday to Friday, you could easily customise one of your Staff schedules to just work on Saturday mornings (see "Managing Staff Schedules below").

This flexibility gives you complete control over creating schedules that truly reflect your business.

To manage your Opening Hours:

  1. Log into your Admin Panel
  2. Select Settings > Business details
  3. Select the "Opening Hours" tab

You can change your Opening hours by creating scheduling periods on the Opening Hours schedule.  This is done by clicking and dragging on the calendar and then configuring the periods as required.

Use the help icon (question mark) for more details.  Could can add and remove scheduling blocks and change the repeating patterns to create the schedule you need.

For example if you need to create a lunch hour, simple drag the existing scheduling blocks to say, 1pm and then create other scheduling blocks starting from 2pm.

Note: if you overlap scheduling blocks, Jezzam will simply merge these together (effectively ignoring them) so it's fine to do that, although we recommend keeping things tidy!

As your Opening Hours are the highest level of scheduling in Jezzam, if you make no other changes to scheduling in your Jezzam account, then all your Staff and/or Resources will use your Opening Hours as their availability schedule. However, you can also customise individual Staff Member and Resource schedules to suit your business needs (see below).