To book a customer onto multiple events in a repeating event series:

  1. Log in to your Admin Panel
  2. Go to your Admin Calendar
  3. Click on one of the Events in the repeating series you want to book the customer on to
  4. Click "Add booking"
  5. Enter the details for the customer and any other information required
  6. Click on the "Repeat booking" tab

    TIP: You will see the Event you selected initially has been pre-selected.  You can not unselect this Event

  7. You will be presented with a list of checkboxes for all the events in the series.  Select the other events in the series you want to book this customer on to.  You can also use the "Select all" or "From selected onwards" shortcut checkboxes to select multiple events in one go.

    TIP: Any events that are full will be indicated.  You will not be able to select full Events.

  8. Click "Confirm booking"