Jezzam let's you easily manage multiple Locations.

Locations are really about logically grouping resources in one physical locations just as they exist in the real world.

For example, if you have one branch of your tennis club in one town with 6 tennis courts (Resources) and another branch of your tennis club at another town with 4 tennis courts, the one way to configure this in Jezzam would be to create two Locations (that represent each of the clubs) and then each of the tennis courts (Resources) that you would allocate to the appropriate Locations.

When a customer books online, they can see the different Locations you have, select the one that’s most appropriate/nearest for them and then book the services/resources that are available at that location.

You can switch Locations on and off in Jezzam very easily:

  1. In the Admin Panel go to: 
  2. Settings > Booking Settings
  3. Under “What can Jezzam help you manage?”, click “Do you want to manage multiple locations” so that it says “No”
  4. Click “Save”


That’s all there is to it.  The Locations you’ve created won’t be deleted (so if you do decide to use Locations in future the information will still be there) however, they will be completely removed from the user interface and all aspects of scheduling and booking.