Jezzam allows you to manage a single business location or multiple locations with ease.

Using Locations in Jezzam allows you to organise the staff who work in your different locations. You can also group any resources that are needed to offer your services, classes and events at your locations.

If you are using multiple Locations, when a customer books online, they can see the different Locations you have, select the one that’s most appropriate/nearest for them and then book the services/resources that are available at that location.

Jezzam let's you easily manage scheduling for your staff and resource in a single location or across multiple locations as required.

Location Scenario Examples

Scenario 1: A sports therapist runs her part time business from her home.  In this scenario she would simply configure her Jezzam account to have one location and enter her schedule for her services accordingly.

Scenario 2: A tennis club has one branch in one town with 6 tennis courts (Resources) and another branch of the club in another town with 4 tennis courts.  In this scenario the tennis club would configure their account in Jezzam to have two Locations (that represent each of the branches) and then each of the tennis courts (Resources) would be created and allocated to the appropriate Locations.

Scenario 3: A Dance Instructor teaches dance classes across 3 venues in the town and also offers some online one-to-one teaching via Zoom. The dance instructor would create 4 locations in their Jezzam account (one for each of the venues and one for "Zoom").  They would then create the classes at each of the different venues and enter their scheduling availability for the online Zoom one-to-ones.

Scenario 4: Two friends offer online one-to-one coaching.  One friend offers this from New York, USA and the other friend is in Sydney, Australia.  In this scenario they would configure their Jezzam account to have two Locations - one in New York and  in Sydney.  They would then configure their individual Work Hours in the local time of their location.  Jezzam's extensive time zone support then manages all the bookings, prevention of double bookings, emails etc for them.

These are just a few examples of how Jezzam's flexible Location and scheduling management can be used to create an online booking presence that matches the way you operate.

Multiple Location Support as standard

Jezzam supports multiple locations as standard without the need for activation. When you first create your Jezzam account, a Location is set up for you so that you're ready to go!

Managing Single or Multiple Locations

Single Location Management: If you operate a single location, manage it as usual within Jezzam. The platform's tools and features are fully available for single-location operations.

Expansion to Multiple Locations: When you're ready to expand, simply add new locations by following the steps mentioned below. Jezzam's interface makes it simple to manage multiple locations without additional complexity.

How to add a Location

If you need to add additional locations:

  1. Go to Settings > Locations
  2. Click on the "New button
  3. Fill in the details about your location, including name and address (if applicable). 
  4. Once you've entered all necessary information, save your changes to add this location to your Jezzam account.

How to delete a Location?

To delete a location:

  1. Go to Settings > Locations
  2. Select the location you want to delete
  3. On the "Details" tab, select the "Delete" button
  4. You will be asked to enter your password to complete the deletion of the Locations.

IMPORTANT: deleting a location can not be undone

NOTE: locations can only be deleted if there are no staff or resources associated with them.  If you have staff or resources linked to the location these will need to be either deleted or reallocated to another Locations.  You can reallocate Staff and Resources by going to the appropriate Staff or Resource section under settings.

What do I do if I only have one location?

Manage your single location as usual. If you expand in the future, you can add more locations through the Administrator Panel under Settings > Locations.

Do I have to pay to add additional locations?

No, there are no extra charges for adding additional locations. The ability to manage multiple locations is included in your Jezzam subscription fee.

How do I provide online appointments or services where I don't use a physical address?

For services offered online or without a specific address, create "virtual locations." These allow you to organize your offerings and staff, even when physical addresses aren't applicable. Virtual locations also take advantage of Jezzam's full time zone support for global accessibility.