You can create repeat bookings for your customers easily in the admin calendar.  Jezzam allows you to fully edit any aspect of these repeat bookings if you need to update them.

To edit repeat bookings:

  1. Go to your admin calendar
  2. Click on one of the repeat bookings in the series of bookings you want to update
  3. Select "Edit Booking" and then "Edit this & selected from series"
  4. In the dialog, on the "Select bookings" tab, select all the bookings you want to update

    TIP: You can use the short cut check boxes "Select all" or "From selected onwards" to select multiple bookings or you can simply select the individual bookings from the list as needed.

    NOTE: To prevent you making accidental changes to exceptions in the series (that is, individual bookings in the series that you have previously modified for specific reasons), Jezzam does not allow these exceptions to be selected in the list.  Exceptions are indicated in the list accordingly.

  5. Now you have selected the bookings you wish to update, use the other tabs to make any changes that are required.
  6. Once you have made your changes, click "Save"

    NOTE: Only the information changed in the edit dialog will be updated.  In other words,  any information that is not changed in the dialog will not be updated in the selected repeat bookings.