This guide helps you add questions to your bookings so that you can collect information you need from your customers about the booking.

When referring to the type of information Jezzam lets you customise, we talk about data fields.  You can think of data fields simply as the type of questions you ask your customers so you can collect the information you need to run your business. 


Jezzam lets you create and manage custom booking fields (that is, the questions you want to ask) and then add these questions to forms so that you can collect information that is relevant to the specific booking being made.

Booking data fields can have many uses.  For example:

  • You might want to ask your customer which meal option they want for a particular booking
  • You can use booking fields to collect voucher or coupon information for further validation
  • You could create fields which allow them to complete a simple waiver form for the booking

The basic process for creating a custom booking forms is:

  1. First create the data fields (that is, the questions) you need
  2. Add these data fields to a custom form
  3. Tell Jezzam which Services uses the form

The last step is very handy as it means you can create your own questions but then create different forms using different combinations of these questions.  So for example, you might have a standard set of questions you ask for all your services.  You could create one form for those questions and add the form to all your services.

You might then have a set of questions that you ask for one type of service and another set of questions that you use for another type of service.  In this case, you would simply create another couple of forms with the appropriate questions and add those forms to your different services.

Jezzam also lets you create help tips for your questions and configure whether your forms should be used when your customers book online, when you make bookings for your customer using your admin calendar or both.

Jezzam's booking data field and custom forms features give you incredible flexibility to gather the information you need to run your business.

How to Steps

To create questions for bookings, firstly you need to create the questions. Then you need to add these to a form and tell Jezzam which Services should use the form (this way you can create different sets of questions for different Services if you need to).

Step 1: Creating questions:

  1. Log in to your Jezzam admin panel
  2. Go to Settings > Booking fields
  3. On the "Custom booking fields" tab, click "New"
  4. Jezzam lets you choose several different types of question (for example, Yes/No answer, Date, dropdown list, text entry etc).  Select the type of question you want
  5. Enter the "Field name/Question"
  6. Enter whether this question is a "Required" field.  That is, the customer must put an answer in.  You can choose the question to be required when the customer is booking online or when the booking is being made by an administrator in the admin panel or both
  7. Choose whether the information should be included on Customer emails
  8. You can optionally put in some help text.  This will appear on the booking form to help guide the Customer
  9. Click "Save"

You can define as many questions as you wish. However, a Service can only have a maximum of 10 questions in total on its booking page.

TIP: The more questions you ask, the longer the booking process is for your customers

Now that you have created your questions, you need to add these to a booking form.  See below.

Step 2: Creating forms:

  1. Log in to your Jezzam admin panel
  2. Go to Settings > Booking fields
  3. On the "Custom booking forms" tab, click "New"
  4. Enter the "Form name" (you can optionally chose to display the form name on the booking page)
  5. Optionally enter the "Form description" (you can optionally chose to display the form description on the booking page)
  6. Choose if this form should be used for "Online booking" (made by your customers online) and/or "Admin booking" (made by administrators via the admin calendar)
  7. Choose the fields (that is, questions) you want to appear on this form (you can either select and use the arrows or drag and drop fields into the "Fields on this form" section.
  8. Now you need to "Select the Services that should use this form".  Any Service you select here will display the form (and therefore the questions associated with it) on the booking page when the Service is being booked.
  9. Click "Save"

You can define as many forms as you wish.  You can also associated more than one form with a Service. However, a Service can only have a maximum of 10 questions in total across all its associated forms.

Data protection and privacy considerations

It is important that you only collect, store and use the information that is essential to running your business.  As you are potentially collecting and processing personal information from individuals, it is vitally important that you and your business are compliant with any local data protection and privacy laws such as GDPR.

For more information about Jezzam's own Privacy policy and Terms and Conditions, please see: