Jezzam lets easily add payment automation to bookings you create in the Admin Calendar.

Payment automation gives you the flexibility to reserve a booking for your customer and give them the option to pay online.  When you create the booking, your customer is automatically sent an email with a link allowing them to pay.

You are in full control of the automation so that your customer can either have an unlimited amount of time to pay or you can set a time period in which payment must be made to confirm the booking.  If payment is not made in the specified time, the booking is automatically cancelled and Jezzam sends a cancellation email to your customer to let them know.

Automation can be a great time saver as Jezzam handles all of the communications for you.  It can also help with no shows and optimum booking rates as the booking is made available

automatically for another customer if the original customer doesn't confirm with a payment.

Creating a booking with payment automation via the Admin Calendar is simplicity itself!

  1. In the Admin Calendar
  2. Drag where you want to make the booking
  3. In the "Add new" popup, select "Booking"
  4. Now, select the Service you want, any other details about the booking and the enter customer details as required
  5. Select the "Payment" tab
You'll see the booking is showing as "Unpaid" but that you have the option to "Request online payment"
  1. Select the "Request online payment" checkbox
  2. Now decide if you want the payment period to be "Unlimited" or select an appropriate amount of time to allow your customer to pay
  3. Enter any other details for the booking

Considerations for payment automation

Note that if the time period is set to "Unlimited", the booking will remain booked indefinitely but in an unpaid status until the customer pays, you mark the booking as paid or the booking is cancelled manually. A booking with an unlimited payment period will not cancel automatically. While, this is appropriate in some cases, you would have to manage following up with the customer to ensure payment.  If they don't pay and don't turn up this can obviously lead to a no show.

It's also important to select a time period that's appropriate for your business and the booking that's being made - that is, you need to give enough time for the customer to pay but, in the event that they don't pay, gives your business enough time for the slot to potentially be filled by another customer.

The lead time on the booking is also important. If you are making a booking for two days time but you give your customer a week to pay, this could end up in a no show.

Only you can really decide what the payment period should be based on the particular circumstances of the booking.  

Jezzam gives you complete flexibility to choose payment automation to suit your needs.