Your customers are presented with various messages and text when they make bookings with you.  

For example, this might be text in the "About Us" section on your mini-website, or it might be information in emails taken from a service's description.   It could be some customised text you have added to an email or it could be a message on a custom form you have created.

There are several places in Admin Panel's "Settings" section where you can customise this text.  The guide below will help point you in the right direction.

Mini website "About Us" text

This text displays on your Jezzam mini website.  To modify the text:

1. Settings > Mini website
2. Change the "About Us text" 
3. Click "Save"

Service descriptions

A service's description is used in customer emails and on the Services page of your mini website (if you have this activated).  To modify the text:

1. Settings > Services

2. Click on the service you want to change
3. In the "Basics" tab, change the description
4. Click "Save"


Jezzam sends various different types of email to your customer. To modify email text:

1. Settings > Communications

2. Select the tab for the category of email ("Customer email text")

3. Select the email you want to update (for example, "Booking reminder email")

4. Change the text in the email 

5. Click "Save"

Booking field text

Jezzam lets you place text on your custom booking forms using "Display message" fields. If you have created Display Message fields you can modify their text by:

1. Settings > Booking Fields

2. Select the "Display message" field you want to update

3. Update the text

4. Click "Save"