This article is intended for Administrators of Jezzam accounts who use Jezzam's Membership features.

How to change the email address of a member

This must be done by the member themselves (see Background Information below).  Please ask your member to do the following:

  1. The member should log into their Jezzam account
  2. Then, click the "Email address" tab
  3. Enter the new email address
  4. Enter the new email address to confirm
  5. Click "Save"

This will save the new email address and the member will be sent an email asking them to verify the new email address.  They should click the link in that email.  Remember to ask them to check spam/junk if they do not receive the email.

The new email address will be reflected in the Customers details in your Admin Panel.

What to to if the member has forgotten their password for their old email address and can not log in

If the member can not remember the password for their old emails address, they should use the "Forgotten password" facility on the Jezzam log in page to reset their Jezzam password.

If they no longer have access to their old email account, then you, the Administrator of the Jezzam Site Account, should contact Jezzam Support requesting a manual change of a Member's email address. Please note: you are responsible for validating and confirming the identity of the new email address before requesting the change. 

Background Information

When one of your Customers is a member you can not change their email address by using the "Customers" section of the Admin Panel.  This is because the email address of a member is linked to their Jezzam User Account.

To be a member of your Site Account, a member must have their own Jezzam User Account so that they can log in to Jezzam. This allows them to get access to Jezzam's user features (such as managing their own bookings). It also allows them to be identified as a member of your site since they have had to log in using the email address that you used to invite them.

For these reasons, the member's email address that you see, for example, in the Customer data of your site, is linked to that members own Jezzam User Account.

Because the email is linked to the Members User Account, it is the Member who has the ability to change the email address