Inviting new members to your account who are not already existing customers can be done very easily from the Customers section in the Admin Panel.

Note: you must have activated "Allow member-only booking" in the Settings > Booking settings section 

  1. Log in to your admin panel
  2. Go to the Customers section
  3. Click “Invite members”
  4. Paste the email addresses of the customers you want to invite as members in the “Enter email addresses, one per line box.
    NOTE: There should be one email per line
  5. Click “Send invite”
  6. An “Output Log: box will appear.  This will tell you of any issues.
  7. The “Pending invites” section will show all the pending member invites

TIP:  Make sure you review the "Output Log" to see if there has been any issues with your bulk invite process.


Customers will receive an email with a link in it to join as a member of your Jezzam account so that they can make bookings.  

Members have 7 days to respond to the invite after which, for security reasons, the link expires. If their invite expires, members can simply be invited again by going through the process above.

Possible issues you may encounter with the invite process

There are a few issues you may encounter when bulk inviting members:

a)    Customers will say they didn’t receive the email. The email may have gone into their junk/spam folder.

SOLUTION: Ask them to check their junk/spam folder.  You can also cancel their invite from the Pending invite section and send another invite using the above process.

b)    The invite email does not get sent to the customer.

SOLUTION: Check the “Output log” box and see if there was a problem with the email. In some cases, the email will be in the correct format but Jezzam’s email system will report an error or other problem with the email address.  You should receive an email notifying you of this error.  To resolve the issue it is best to cancel the pending invite for this email address and then re-invite the member using the correct email address.

c) The member clicks on the link in the email after the invite has expired and can not therefore complete the invitation process

SOLUTION: Simply repeat the steps above to re-invite the member using their email address. They will have another 7 days to respond to the new invite.