Jezzam lets you easily publish booking information from your Jezzam Account to other calendars such as Apple Calendar or Outlook.

This "1-way" calendar sync is extremely easy to set up and very useful as it allows you to view your Jezzam booking information in any calendar app that can subscribe to an industry standard iCal feed.

The iCal link is "one way" so that when you change something in your Jezzam schedule, it will be reflected in, for example, your Outlook calendar after it has synchronised.

Although the booking information can not be edited in your calendar app , 1-way calendar sync is an extremely powerful way to view your Jezzam bookings.

You can create 1-way subscription calendars for your whole account and for each individual Staff Member or Resource.  So, for example, this can also be a great way to give each of your staff members the ability to see their bookings on their own devices.

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When subscribing to a Jezzam calendar on a calendar app of your choice, the data is kept completely separate from the other appointments in the calendar app.  The information is not actually merged, which means you can easily remove the calendar subscription without affecting the other appointments in your calendar app.

Update Frequency

The frequency at which the booking information is updated via 1-way Calendar Sync depends on the calendar app used.  Jezzam has no control over this. For example, Apple Calendar can be configured to synchronise every 5 minutes while certain versions of Outlook will synchronise subscription calendars each time email is retrieved. 

Updates to most other programs, should take about half an hour when default settings are used but this can vary.

Google Calendar synchronisation is slower - it only syncs once or twice per day.  Google controls the update speed and this is not configurable.  This is a choice by Google, therefore the frequency with which Google Calendar updates the information is not under our control and can take several hours. 

IMPORTANT: Security considerations

The iCal standard that Jezzam adheres to does not provide authorisation measures.

We recommend that Subscription Calendar links are only given to people you trust (for example, your Staff Members). However, you can configure any calendar to exclude certain information (such as Staff or Customer data).  So it is possible to create subscription calendars for restricted informational purposes.  Even in this situation you should consider how the subscription calendar will be shared and what information should be included in it.

NOTE: by default Subscription Calendars only include the Service name for appointment bookings or Event names for course, classes and events. You should carefully consider what additional information you decide to add depending on who is going to use the subscription calendar and the possibility that the Subscription Calendar link could be forwarded.

If you are concerned people might find out your webcal link and use it without your knowledge, Jezzam lets you disable it temporarily or you can regenerate the link.  You can also delete the subscription calendar completely at any time.

Jezzam lets you create multiple subscription calendars and you are also able to restrict the information displayed in each subscription calendar.  For example, you might create a subscription calendar for your Account that only you view on your mobile phone that contains all the information about bookings, but you could also create another subscription calendar for your whole Account that only shows the booking title and does not include Staff or Customer information.  This could be embedded on your website as an informational tool.  Again, consideration should be given at all times to what information you decide to include and how that may be accessed.

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