QR codes offer a seamless way to enhance customer engagement and boost bookings for your services. By placing user-friendly QR codes on storefronts, merchandise, or marketing materials, you can simplify the appointment booking process, offering instant access to your booking pages.

QR codes not only simplify bookings but also enhance visibility, boost footfall, and engage customers instantly by providing a quick and easy service that leads to happy customers and increased bookings.

By simply dragging and clicking on the various configuration options, you can completely customise the look and feel of your QR codes to match your brand including the text on the QR code, the background colour, corner radius and much more.

You can also create QR codes for specific Services, Staff Members, Resources and Locations - all from within the QR Code Designer.

How to create a QR code

  1. Log in to your Admin Panel
  2. Go to Settings > Marketing
  3. Select the "QR Code" tab
  4. Use the various configuration options available to create the QR code you need
  5. Once you have changed the configuration options, click the "Generate new QR code" button.
    This will regenerate the QR code

TIP: The preview of the QR code can be used for testing (for example, with your mobile phone camera). You can also click on the QR code and it will take you to your booking page using the settings you have configured.

  1. When you have fully tested your QR code, click the "Download QR code" button to download a high resolution version of your QR code

IMPORTANT: You should fully test the QR codes that you generate to ensure they give the desired results before you use them on printed or other media.

NOTE: The various configuration options available, such as Service, Staff, Resource and Location selection, will depend on how your Jezzam account is setup.