Jezzam offers full time zone support both for your customers, on your booking page and for you in your account admin panel.

Time zone support for your customers on your booking page

Time zone support is automatically included for your customers when they use your booking page and no activation is required.  Your customer's time zone is displayed next to a simple "Your time zone:" label.  

If they wish to change the time zone, they simply click the time zone displayed and follow the instructions to enter a new time zone.

Jezzam automatically takes care of all the time zone conversions required, including listing times in their preferred time zone and including the correct times and time zone on any emails related to their booking.

Time zone support in your Admin panel

Time zone support in your admin panel can be activated automatically or manually.

1. Automatic time zone support activation

Jezzam will automatically activate time zone support in the following situations:

  1. You have multiple locations configured in your account which have been assigned different time zones.
  2. The locations in your account all have the same time zone but your display time zone* is different to the locations' time zone

*TIP: Your display time zone is the time zone you have currently selected for your logged in session.  Any times and dates will be automatically converted to your display time zone.  Your display time zone can be changed using the time zone picker.

2. How to activate time zone support manually

You can activate time zone support manually in your admin panel as follows:

  1. Log in to your admin panel
  2. Go to Settings > Booking settings
  3. Select the "Time Zone Support" tab
  4. Set "Enable admin panel time zone support for current user" to "Yes"
  5. Click "Save"

NOTE: This setting is activate on a per-user basis.  If you have other administrators who have access to your account, they can also configure this setting for themselves when they log in to your admin panel.