The time zone picker is included in various sections around your Admin Panel where date and time conversions are important. These sections include:

Admin Calendar

Customer Section

  • On the "Summary" tab for Next and Last bookings
  • On the "Bookings" tab


  • On the "Charts" tab
  • On the "Reports" tab


  • Staff section - on the "Work Hours" tab for Advanced and Per-service scheduling
  • Resources section - on the "Availability" tab for Advance and Per-service scheduling
  • Locations section - on the "Closed Dates" tab

When the time zone picker is available it simply appears as the name of your currently selected display time zone*. For example "British Time" or "Eastern Time".

How to select a different time zone

To select a new time zone, simple click on the display time zone and then select one of your preferred time zones from your preferred time zone list.

Jezzam allows you to easily add and delete time zones to your preferred time zone list.  You can also change the order of the time zones to suit your requirements.  For more information please see:

How do I manage my preferred time zone list in the Admin Panel?

*TIP: Your display time zone is the time zone you have currently selected for your logged in session.  Any times and dates will be automatically converted to your display time zone.  Your display time zone can be changed using the time zone picker.

How to change the style of the time zone picker

The time zone picker is available in two styles - Standard and Detailed:

  • Standard: displays simple time zone names (for example, "British Time" or "Eastern Time")
  • Detailed: displays the time zone offset plus the time zone's ID (for example, "(GMT +00:00) Europe/London" or "(GMT -05:00) America/New_York")

To change the style of the time zone picker:

  1. Log in to your admin panel
  2. Go to Settings > Booking settings
  3. Select the "Time Zone Support" tab
  4. Select one of the "Time zone picker style" options
  5. Click "Save"