When you want to view all the bookings on an Event in the Admin Calendar, you can click the Event and then select "View Bookings".  This presents you with a list of the bookings and displays the Customer's name, Booking status etc.

If you use Jezzam's custom booking fields feature, you can choose to additionally display information that was entered in one of your custom booking fields for each booking. 

This is an advanced configuration setting and works well, for example, when you have a custom booking field that you use on all event bookings.   For example, you might have a custom booking field that records if the attendee would like the lunch option.  If it would be useful to see the response to that question in the bookings list, this feature would allow you to include it in the display.  Note it is worth remembering that if you create an Event that does not use the custom booking field selected using this option,  when viewing bookings you will see an empty column.

To change the information displayed in the Admin Calendar for Event bookings:

  1. Go to Settings > Admin Calendars
  2. Scroll down until you see the "Display options for event bookings" section (Note: if you do not use Jezzam's Event feature, you will not see this option)
  3. Select the custom booking field you want to use from the list of all your custom booking fields. 
  4. You can also optionally enter the text you would like to use for the column heading that will be shown in the booking list (if you leave this blank an abbreviated version of the question used for the custom booking field will be displayed as the column heading).
  5. Click "Save"

You can switch this feature off at any time by selecting "None" for the custom booking field.