Jezzam helps you manage refunds by keeping track of payments and cancelled bookings. 

When a "paid" booking is cancelled in Jezzam, it will be marked as requiring attention for a potential refund. 

TIP: Bookings can be paid for online by your customers when they make the booking.  Administrators can also mark a booking as paid in the admin panel. In both cases, Jezzam marks that booking with a "paid" status.

When a paid booking has been cancelled, a refund notification is added to the "Notifications Centre" in your Jezzam admin panel (Account > Notifications).  You will also receive an email about the cancellation and refund notification if you have your account configure for this (Settings > Communications > Administrator Notification Settings).

The "Bookings requiring refunds" list in the Notifications Centre is a useful reminder list to help you manage and issue your refunds.  

It is important to note that marking a booking as refunded from the Notifications Centre does not automatically issue the refund from your payment provider.  To issue the actual refund you will need to log in to your payment provider and use their process for issuing the refund.

IMPORTANT: A booking will only be marked is Jezzam as needing attention for a refund if it has been cancelled. Issuing a refund in your payment provider does not mark a booking as refunded in Jezzam.  These processes are independent of each other and you must cancel the booking in Jezzam to activate Jezzam's refund tracking workflow.

Processing a refund

Issuing a refund is a two step process.

  • Issue the actual refund via your payment provider
  • Mark the booking as "Refunded" in the Notification Centre list in your Jezzam

To issue a refund:

  1. Log into the payment provider you have linked to in your Jezzam account (for example, Stripe or PayPal)
  2. Find the transaction required and issue the refund accordingly
  3. Log into your Jezzam account
  4. Go to Account > Notifications
  5. Find the appropriate booking and click "Refunded"
  6. Follow the onscreen instructions (you can optionally send your customer an email about the refund)

Credit and Non refunds

While Jezzam is not financial management/accountancy software, there may be times when want to mark a refund to be used for credit.  You may also have processes in place where cancelled bookings are not refunded.

In the Notification Centre, bookings requiring refunds can also be marked as "Use for credit" or "No refund" to help you manage these cases.

These settings do not manage credit and debit transactions. They are simply tags to help you manage the process manually yourself. 

NOTE: Jezzam does not include the concept of partial refunds, however you should be able to issue partial refunds if required through your payment provider and can still mark the booking as refunded in Jezzam.  Jezzam is focused on booking and scheduling and as such financial transactions should be managed in detail via your payment provider and/or an appropriate accounting package as appropriate.