We'll be straight with you - the short (no legal speak) answer is, we don't give refunds.

Yes, we know, that may seem a bit harsh so we think you deserve the longer answer:

Here's what we DO offer:

  • 30 day FREE trial. No credit card required. No obligation. No long term contracts
  • 100% money back guarantee during the first month of your paid subscription
  • All appointment scheduling features included at a very affordable price - no hidden costs
  • No huge setup fees - Jezzam is easy to setup
  • The ability to upgrade and downgrade when you like - you're in control
  • Account suspension/payment holidays - as many and as often as you need with no further payments being taken until you reactivate
  • Easy cancellation and permanent removal of your own account from within Jezzam

So, we we don't give refunds but we do offer a multitude of ways for you to not only try and test Jezzam, but also to suspend, cancel and remove your account if you really want to - after which, we won't charge you a penny more.

Find out more about our Terms and Conditions.