Every Jezzam account has an owner.   The owner is often the person who initially set up the account.  The owner is an administrator of the account but also has special permissions.

For many accounts there is only one Administrator and this person will also be the owner.  In other accounts however, there may be more than one administrator.  One of these will be the owner, but other administrators may have been added.

A Jezzam account can only have one owner.  The owner can not be removed from an account.

In some circumstances, you may want to transfer ownship to another Administrator.  There must be another Administrator registered with the account to do this.


NOTE: Only the existing owner can tranfer ownership

How to transfer ownership to another adminstrator

  1. The current owner should log in to your Jezzam account's admin panel
  2. Go to Account > User access
  3. Click on the administrator you want to transfer ownership to
  4. Click on the "Set as owner" link
  5. Follow the instructions, entering your password to confirm the action
  6. Once the action is complete, the transfer of ownership take effect immediately

The new owner will need to log out of your account and log back in to have owner permissions.

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