Jezzam provides a simple level of privacy for Services by allowing you to make them "unlisted".

When you create a Services, it is by default a "Listed" Service.  In other words, the Service will be listed online on your booking page (subject to any group booking permissions you may have set).

You can "hide" a Service by making it unlisted. 

Important: When you make a Service unlisted, the only way a Customer can view the service for online booking is to use the Direct Link for that Service.  You need to communicated the Direct Link with the Customers you want to book the Service.

How to make a Service Unlisted

  1. Log in to your Jezzam account admin panel
  2. Go to Settings > Services
  3. Select the Service in the Service list
  4. Click on the "Access" tab
  5. You can change the privacy of the Service under "Unlisted service" by selecting "Listed" or "Unlisted" accordingly
  6. Click "Save"