Group booking permissions are an advanced feature of Jezzam that allow you to control who can view and book your Services.

Group booking permissions are managed in the Admin Panel:

This is managed in the Admin Panel

  1. Go to Settings > Services
  2. Select a Service
  3. Click the "Access" tab


If you don't want the service to be visible then, when creating the Service or when editing an existing Service, on the "Access" tab, simply select the radio button "Not visible online" for the different groups as appropriate.

For example, if you select "Not visible online" for the "Public" group, guest visitors (i.e. public visitors) to your booking site will not see the Service. Note that if you are logged in as an administrator you will see the Service.  If you log out as an Administrator (i.e you'll be viewing the site as a Guest/Public) you can test this and the Service will no longer be visible to you.

You could also select the "Not visible online" radio button for the "Administrator" group and you won't be able to see the Service on your booking site either even when logged in as an Administrator.

Remember if you want the Service to be visible online you will need to change these options back to "Can view & book online" later if you want the Service to be visible and bookable online.

The "Online booking options" settings don't effect the visibility of the Service in the Admin Calendar.

These options are very powerful as they let you fully control access and visibility to your Service.  You can be working on creating and populating the content for a Service in the Admin Panel but only make it visible online when you are done.  Or you can just show availability of Services but not allow them to be booked etc.  If you use Jezzam's membership features and have different groups of members, you can even create Services which are available to some groups but not others.