Every service in Jezzam has a Direct Link. For example:


Clicking on a Service's Direct link will take your customer to your booking page with the specific Service already selected.

Direct links are a great way to promote individual Services.  They can be can be used in emails, on websites or social media as a direct way to book the Service.  For example, you could create links or buttons on your own website service pages with direct links for booking each Service.

Using Direct Links with Unlisted Services

Direct links can also be use with unlisted Services to provide a simple level of privacy for Services.

If you make a Service "unlisted", the service will no longer be listed on your booking page.  The only way it can be viewed is by anyone who has the direct link. 

In this way, you can "hide" Services from your wider (public) audience and send Direct Links to only those of your Customers you want to book certain Services.

How to change a Direct Link

A Direct link is assigned to a Service when it is first created.  If you want to change the Direct link, you can do this at any time by clicking "Change" next to the Direct link.

  1. Log in to your Jezzam account admin panel
  2. Go to Settings > Services
  3. Select the Service in the Service list
  4. Click on the "Access" tab
  5. Click "Change" next to the Direct link.  You will be presented with a warning dialog
  6. Click "OK" if you want to continue
  7. Click "Save"

Note that any previous Direct links will no longer be active once this change is saved.

This means that any Customers with an old Direct Link will not be able to view the service on your online booking page but it does add another level of privacy for the Service if you need to change the Direct Link at any time.