TIP:  Watch our Customising your email content help video

All of Jezzam's transactional emails are worded to convey just the right amount of information using a clean, professional style. But we know that sometimes you just might want to change the copy of your emails to match the tone of your brand.

You can change the wording of every transactional email in Jezzam.

Recipient groups

Jezzam emails can be sent to three different types of recipient, your:

  • Customers
  • Administrators
  • Staff

Where to change the content of your emails

To change the content of your emails:

  1. Log in to your Jezzam account admin panel
  2. Go to Settings > Communications
  3. You will see three tabs:  
    • Customer email text
    • Admin email text
    • Staff email text
  4. Select the email group you want to change text for
  5. On the left, you will see a list of emails that can be sent to this recipient group
  6. Select the email you want to change the wording for by click on the email in the list

The different parts that make up a Jezzam email

Each email consists of the following elements. 


Every email has one or more scenarios in which it can be sent.  For example, the Booking confirmation email can be sent when a booking has been paid for, when a booking still requires payment, when a booking is confirmed but no payment is required etc.

Scenarios provide a way of having different content in the email depending on situation in which the email is sent.

These scenarios are fixed and cannot be changed. They are determined by Jezzam's automation features however you can change the wording in each scenario to suit your tone.

TIP: Remember to read the purpose of the scenario, and make sure that your word matches the purpose of the email scenario

NOTE: Depending on how you have Jezzam configured for your business, some scenarios may not be used for your bookings.  This is normal.  We recommend that you leave the wording in these scenarios as they are.  Alternatively, you can change them to your own wording in case they get used in the future if you change your configuration for Jezzam.

Email subject

The email subject for the email

Email body

The body text of the email


Placeholders are a powerful feature of Jezzam's email templating and allow you to place special "coded" text that get replaced with the actual information when the email is sent.

For example, the "recipient.first.name" placeholder would get replaced with the first name of the person the email is being sent to. 

Placeholder's ensure the correct information is included in emails and also allow for personalisation. Placeholders are surrounded by two curly brackets (for example: {{recipient.first.name}}.  They can be typed in or we recommend selecting them using the "Insert placeholder" dropdown.

For more details on on placeholder see our full list of Jezzam Email Placeholders.

Supported placeholders - not all placeholders are available for all emails.  For example, in the email that is sent to invite new admins to your account, booking placeholders are not available. You will only see and be able to insert placeholders that are relevant to the email you are customising.

Required placeholders - some placeholders are essential for particular emails.  For example, in the email that is sent to a customer asking them to pay, the placeholder that outputs the payment button is essential for the email to make sense.  If you remove a required placeholder, Jezzam will alert you when you try to Preview or Save the email so that you can ensure the required placeholder is included.

Unsupported placeholders - if you make a mistakes and enter a placeholder that isn't supported or understood by Jezzam, Jezzam will alert you when you try to Preview or Save the email so that you can correct the mistake.

How to change the content of an email

Changing the content of an email is very straightforward.  You can change the content of the email subject line and the email body text in the same way.

Simple make the text changes you need and click the Insert placeholder link when you want to insert a placeholder.

You can also make text formatting changes in the email body text (such as bold, italic, adding links etc) as required.

Special placeholders - changing the text in buttons and links

Jezzam includes some special placeholders which allows you to put specific buttons and links in your emails.

Like normal placeholders, these are surrounded with curly brackets but they also allow you to customise the text that appears in the button (or the link).

For example, in one of the Scenarios for the Booking confirmation email, where payment can still be made by the customer, the payment button needs to be included.

This is done using the button.pay.for.booking placeholder.  

When this is inserted into the text editor for the email content is appears as follows:

{{button.pay.for.booking:Pay for booking}}

You can see that after the colon (:) it displays the text that will appear in the button.  If you wanted to change this for example to "Pay now", you can simply edit the button as follows:

{{button.pay.for.booking:Pay now}}

You can edit the text for any button or link placeholder in the same way.

Previewing your changes

You can preview the changes you make to text at any time by clicking the Preview button. 

The preview uses sample data to allow you to see what your design looks like.

On the preview dialog, you can also send a test email so that you can review your design and see what emails will look like when sent to various email apps and devices.

How to Undo your changes

You can use ctrl-z (windows) or cmd-z (Mac) to undo changes as you type.

You can use the Reset button at the bottom of the page to undo changes to the last save or preview point.

You can use Use default text to reset the text back to the Jezzam default text for the current email.
Note: this will reset the text for ALL scenarios for the current email and can not be undone.