If you have suspended your Jezzam account it's very simple to reactivate it. 

There are two scenarios in which this can occur, but the way you reactivate your account is the same in each case.

a) You have only recently suspended your account

If you have suspended your account recently and you are still in the currently paid subscription period, you can simply reactivate your account and no payment will be required (because you've already paid for the current month).

b) Your account has been suspended for some time

If your account has been suspended for some time and the last paid-for subscription month has passed, you will need to pay the required monthly amount for your plan to reactivate the account (Jezzam subscription fees other than bookings top-ups are paid in advance).  Payment will be taken from the currently registered card.  Please make sure you have a valid payment card registered. You will be asked to provide your password to confirm the action.

How to activate your account

1) Log into your Jezzam admin panel

2) Click “Account”, then “Manage your subscription”

3) Make sure the "Plan details" tab is selected

4) Click the "Activate account" button and follow any onscreen instructions