In Jezzam, a staff member is just that. Someone in your organisation who can be booked for an appointment or who delivers a course, class or workshop. It could be just you or everyone who makes up your team.

Think of a Resource as anything else that can be booked that isn't a person! Typical examples could be tennis courts, rooms in an office or B&B, music practice rooms, minibuses in a fleet, a village hall. Almost anything that can be booked in fact.

Jezzam's scheduling engine allows you to put schedules on both Staff and Resources. It lets you create sophisticated relationships between the two.

If you don't have Staff you don't need to set them up. Similarly, if you don't want to schedule Resources, you don't have to have them either. You can have one or the other, neither or both - Jezzam is completely flexible. More than that, you can add them in if you find you need them in the future.